Kind letter of praise

Dear Ms. Hawkins and Ms. Semmel,

I wanted to thank you personally for the outstanding staff you’ve assembled and the physical therapy techniques you employ at the Westchester YMCA.   I must say, unfortunately, this was not the first-time I’d experienced this technique, but this time it was not only gratifying but much more of a rewarding experience than the one I had had 2 years ago at another facility.

I would also like to mention three people on your team that I want to particularly thank.

The first person is Iris Gomez who was very gracious and helpful in organizing the required paper work I needed for my therapy.   At the onset of treatment, I was still teaching at Los Angeles Community College, in the middle of giving final exams as well as tending to all the other minutiae involved with the closing of a semester. As a result, I was somewhat scattered and forgetful about completing and returning certain required documents. Ms. Gomez handled my “delinquency” with professionalism and charm. Every new patient should have the opportunity to meet and work with her.

Secondly, the person who I only had the opportunity to work with twice, but whose assistance was very impactful; Ally Baraban.  Her Yoga background as well as her special rapport contributed a great deal to our sessions.

Thirdly, I want to thank, the person who was assigned as my therapist, Danielle Quan. Under her intelligent and detailed guidance; I became pain free, my balance improved and the support muscles for my compromised knee strengthened. Danielle never failed to answer a question or follow up on a concern. She also never failed to inform me about the purpose of an exercise, and its long and/or short-range goals.  But most importantly, she always made me feel as if the treatment was being designed particularly for my needs.  Completely confident in her instruction, I allowed her to challenge me and my body and the rewards are now obvious. I cannot extoll this young woman enough.  As an Educator and Executive Trainer, I must say that her qualities of confidence, respectfulness, warmth and intelligence are the stuff that leaders are made of.  I predict a bright future for her and I am thankful to have had her as a therapist.

Finally, I was hesitant to begin therapy with your company because of the distance I had to travel to get there. May I say again, that it was worth every mile.  Also, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my doctor as well as to anyone that I know.  Best Wishes and continued success.


Edythe Davis