Why Us?

Water PT's team of caring professionals is dedicated to giving you your power back.  Injuries and illnesses can be debilitating to your body and your self esteem.  Our staff will provide you with a customized aquatic exercise routine and the manual physical therapy techniques your specific condition requires.  Our program will support you in your return to health and happiness.  We look forward to seeing you in the pool!

Why Water? 

Water is the perfect environment for those who may not be ready for land-based programs.  Aquatic Physical Therapy can be initiated earlier with greater comfort following injury or surgery.  In the pool, patients feel only 20% of the compression on their joints that they would on land.  Patients are able to move with significantly less pain in the water and are able to strengthen, improve their balance, and increase postural awareness in a pain free environment.  Patients are able to return safely back to daily activities in a shorter period of time with aquatic therapy than with other types of therapy.  To put it simply, water allows patients to do more activity and feel less pain. 

"Water is the best of all things" – Pindar, Olympian Odes 

Water PT Co-Owners Jessica Semmel and Nancy Hawkins, MPT.  Nancy and Jessica have been with Water PT since 2009.  

Water PT Co-Owners Jessica Semmel and Nancy Hawkins, MPT.  Nancy and Jessica have been with Water PT since 2009.  


Why Water Therapy Works

The science behind the success of aquatic physical therapy is based mainly on the inherent qualities of water: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and temperature.

Buoyancy - The upward thrust acting in the opposite direction to the force of gravity. 

Being submerged in neck deep water reduces your weight by about 90 percent.  The buoyancy reduces compression on your joints and spine and allows for strengthening of muscles without the associated pain that many experience with exercises.  Additionally, the support of the water decreases fall risk.

Hydrostatic Pressure- The force exerted on an immersed body by fluid molecules.

Ever notice how taking a bath will take away some of your aches and pains?  The water is basically giving your body a gentle hug.  Since water is more dense than air, it exerts a force on you that can help relieve pain, improve circulation, and support your body during your aquatic exercise program.

Temperature - Maintaining elevated water temperatures between 90 and 94 degrees allows patient muscles to relax in order to maximize the benefit of their therapy.  Warm water temperatures also lead to improved circulation, which helps to reduce edema and scar formation.