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physical therapy

Injuries and illnesses can be debilitating to your body and your self esteem.  Feel empowered through aquatic physical therapy to take charge of your own health. With our support, return to a happier you!

Healing in Water

Healing after an injury or dealing with chronic illness often comes with a painful recuperation process.  Compared to working on land, water offers a virtually pain-free environment to facilitate your healing.  In the pool, you will only feel 20% of the compression on your joints compared to land-based treatments. Water supports you during your therapy.  The buoyancy you feel actually reduces your weight by about 90% when submerged in neck-deep water.  During your treatment you will significantly less pain, ultimately allowing you to strengthen, improve your balance, and increase postural awareness.  All in a virtually pain-free environment. Our treatment has resulted in patients just like you returning safely back to daily activities in a shorter period of time compared to other types of therapy.

Suitable for You 

Our programs are customized to your needs with aquatic exercise routines and the manual physical therapy techniques your specific condition requires.  All levels of patients, from those who experience chronic health conditions to injured high-level athletes, are cared for.  Our staff is trained to work with patients of all ages from pediatric to geriatric.  All Water PT sessions are one-on-one and a member of the Water PT team will be in the water with you the entire time.  So even if you don’t have any swimming skills (many of our patients don’t), you are in good hands.  In addition, some of our pool locations have a lift for those who need assistance in and out of the water. 

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What sets Water PT apart is the caring and compassionate team and that the assistant and the therapists are in the water right next to you. They get to know you and customize your physical therapy care to fit your physical and emotional needs.
- Haydee

Insurance Coverage

Medical aquatic physical therapy treatment, including individual therapeutic exercise and hands-on manual treatment with one of our licensed PTs may be included in your health insurance plan.  If you would like medical insurance to cover your treatment, then you must have a current prescription from your doctor for Physical Therapy.  The prescription needs to include a valid diagnosis and the frequency/duration of your treatment.  If convenient, you can fax or email a copy of your prescription and insurance information to (310) 881 - 1219 or email to connect@waterpts.com before the Initial Evaluation.  You may begin treatment without a prescription, but we strongly recommend getting one before your first visit to make sure that your insurance company will cover the expenses.

Water PT is a member of the UCLA and Cedars Sinai HMOs; we are in network with Medicare, Tri-Care and Blue Shield of California.  Many other private insurance companies cover our services depending on your policy. We accept most private PPO insurances depending on the policy.  Please fax, email, call in, or bring your insurance information for verification.  At this time we are unfortunately unable to accept Medical and Kaiser.


Treatment without medical insurance is charged at $200 per treatment or $1,500 for a 10 treatment package. Each treatment session is between 50 - 60 minutes long. 

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I have been semi crippled for 10 years and have permanent disability. Thanks to the wonderful therapists at Water PT, I am walking short distances without my brace. They are truly amazing and dedicated physical therapists who specialize in finding what is most needed for each individual patient.