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aquatic wellness

In our busy lives it can be difficult to focus on our health and wellness.  The calming effect of water in combination with aquatic wellness provides a unique opportunity to strengthen your body for new challenges, improve your balance, and restore calm.  Your one-on-one session will be personalized by our team to your unique wellness needs.

Tailored to You

Water PT offers sessions that are ideal for recovering athletes, people with impairments, or prenatal clients searching for a strengthening while also mindful session. These sessions can focus primarily on fitness, bodywork or, we recommend a combination of the two: 

  • Fitness: Depending on your personal needs and goals, these sessions can range from high level cardio workouts to more relaxed Tai chi exercises. Working in water gives you a full body workout which promotes a strong core, lower body toning and cardio.

  • Bodywork: Focus on your overall well being in our bodywork sessions. These include stretching and traditional massage techniques for managing trouble spots. Clients have experienced an increased sense of calm, rising energy levels and improved sleep following these sessions.

Allowing yourself to Float

While some of our patients are eager for fitness and bodywork sessions, some come simply for a quiet, peaceful floating experience.  Water PT provides this environment with less direct contact and more movement through water.  Typically combined with some level of movement, our floating work provides a gentle, supportive and warm experience that can be emotional as well as physical.  Some of our clients even shed some tears of releasing past traumas, or of joy for feeling so nurtured and supported.  Our prenatal clients enjoy the tranquil nature of these sessions.

Your staff is wonderful, they are so knowledgeable and compassionate. I understand more about how my body works than I have ever have before.
- Rosemary


All of our sessions are 50 - 60 minutes long. We accept cash, check and major credit cards. Payment is due upon booking or at the start of the session (if paying in cash). There are two Aquatic Wellness sessions available: 

  • Our sessions that focus on fitness and bodywork are $150 USD (per session); $650 for 5 sessions or $1,250 for a package of 10 sessions.

  • Our sessions that are purely floating are $200 USD (per session) - or $1,500 for a package of 10 sessions.

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