Our Team


Water PT Specialists’ team of caring professionals is dedicated to empowering you.  We love what we do and strive to make your recovery both effective and enjoyable. 


Nancy Hawkins, MPT


Nancy has diversified physical therapy experience including orthopedic, pediatric, home health, and her favorite aquatic rehabilitation.  She received her MPT from CSU Northridge in 1999.  Nancy dedicated herself to aquatic physical therapy after discovering the healing properties of water due to a personal low back injury.  After healing her own back in the water, she dedicated herself to working and sharing this with others.  As co-owner of Water PT, Nancy has developed the reputation of being one of the most highly qualified aquatic therapists in the Los Angeles area.


Anat has always had a great passion for helping others. Her compassionate and nurturing demeanor compliments the focus and detailed analysis she provides each patient’s situation. She has a diverse background of massage therapy, personal training, myofascial release, visceral mobilization and chronic pain methods that help her tailor treatments to the individual as a whole.After her own successful battle with cancer, she has gained an even greater appreciation for the patient’s perspective as well as the body’s ability to heal. She recognizes the invaluable aspects of merging traditional and holistic medicine and has developed and extensive knowledge of holistic nutrition and natural remedies to compliment medical care. When she is not working, Anat enjoys cooking for her family and friends, taking care of her new addition to the family, sprucing up her dancing skills, and being active outdoors.  You may be lucky enough to get some cooking tips while working on your health needs!

BEAU "Ramsey" Woods, DPT



Ramsey is a recent graduate of the Mt St Mary’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.  He has extensive interest in rehabilitation and uses a variety of techniques to facilitate healing in the aquatic environment.  Ramsey draws on a strong background of fitness and alignment to maximize each patient’s potential.  He puts in the extra effort to ensure each patient feels comfortable and confident in their abilities, so they can attain their goals and expedite the healing process.  Ramsey loves working at Water PT and having the ability to give individualized attention to each patient.  

Teal Levine, PT

Teal joined Water PT in December of 2011.  Teal graduated from Chicago Medical School with a degree in physical therapy.  A childhood friend of owner Nancy Hawkins, Teal’s enthusiasm is contagious and she has a caring, charismatic approach to aquatic PT.  Teal specializes in treating fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions using trigger point active release, cranial sacral and aquatic integration techniques. 

jessica semmeL




Jessica Semmel is co-owner of Water PT.  She was an avid swimmer and lifeguard throughout her youth and while attending New York University.   Jessica is a licensed CPA and a certified massage therapist.  She runs the business side of Water PT and assists in the pool.  Jessica is thrilled to manage this amazing team and see the incredible benefits the patients receive from aquatic therapy.



michelle mclafferty, d.c.


Dr. Michelle McLafferty received her medical training at Southern California University of Health Sciences, earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2005, followed by a 2 year post-graduate Residency in Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging. Her love for fitness and the outdoors led her to pursue advanced training in the field of aquatic physical rehabilitation in a non-impact water environment. Dr. McLafferty is one of few Chiropractors in the United States with an expertise in aquatic rehabilitation, specializing in hands-on, gentle chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities, along with manual spinal traction. She develops customized aquatic rehabilitation programs, helping patients overcome a multitude of injuries, both in the pool and out, while reducing physical stress and tension on the body. Dr. McLafferty is also proficient in a variety of soft tissue therapy techniques, including a unique therapeutic Aquatic Massage in the pool or spa. She advocates an integrated approach to care, working with other health care providers to comprehensively address the health care needs of each patient. 





Sandra received her MPT from the University of Scranton and joined Water PT in 2016. Sandra brings her extensive background in pediatrics and orthopedics to the water.  She's a natural in the pool and makes patients feel confident and at ease.  Sandra combines exercise and manual therapy techniques to help her patients achieve their therapy goals.


Joan judy, pta

Joan Judy Headshot (2).jpg

Joan’s childhood summer playground was the local lake and she grew up fortunate to take advantage of the freedom and strength being in the aquatic environment can offer.  She directed a community swim program, and taught swimming and lifesaving.  After a career in education and raising 4 kids, she returned to school to pursue a second career in her lifetime love of health and fitness, graduating from the  Cerritos College Physical Therapy Assistant program in May, 2015.  She has loved working in water therapy since and feels she has found her niche in the PT world.  “Water therapy offers a gentle, calm, whole-body/mind/spirit healing process for many acute injuries and chronic illnesses.”