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pediatric aquatic
physical therapy

The benefits of aquatic physical therapy extend to the whole family! At Water PT, we have therapists who are specialized in pediatrics at all of our locations, including Redondo Beach.


Why aquatic physical therapy for kids?

First and foremost, the water-based environment is fun! This helps increase engagement in therapeutic activities, allowing the child to build strength, improve balance, improve motor planning and coordination, and improve range of motion in a fun atmosphere. In addition, water provides buoyancy and accommodating resistance, which can enable a child with special needs to exercise and play with greater mobility and independence than they may be able to in a land-based environment. Water also provides good sensory feedback to improve body awareness, focus, and attention for children with sensory integration impairments. Lastly, water is very supportive and soothing, which can be especially beneficial for children who are more hesitant of new people or experiences. 

Benefits for specific pediatric conditions

Aquatic physical therapy can benefit children who have a variety of diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, hypotonia, ataxia, down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, motor incoordination, spina bifida, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and more. The aquatic-based setting can enhance physical therapy interventions specific to these populations including those to improve strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, range of motion, and endurance. 

Will my child enjoy aquatic PT?

Because playing in the water is fun, and due to the sensory benefits that water provides, often times children enjoy aqua PT more than land PT. Children in pain or with decreased mobility may especially enjoy the aquatic-based environment as it enables them to do much more than they might be able to on land, thus enhancing the therapeutic benefit.  

kaboompics_Wavy water surface in a swimming pool.jpg

I have seen the positive impact that physical therapy, and particularly aquatic-based physical therapy, can have on children and their families. It has been a very rewarding experience for me to help support and guide families to enable their children to achieve improved mobility and independence with age-appropriate gross motor skills.
- Marissa, Water PT Physical Therapist

Insurance Coverage

Medical aquatic physical therapy treatment, including individual therapeutic exercise and hands-on manual treatment with one of our licensed PTs may be included in your health insurance plan.  If you would like medical insurance to cover your treatment, then you must have a current prescription from your doctor for Physical Therapy.  The prescription needs to include a valid diagnosis and the frequency/duration of your treatment.  If convenient, you can fax or email a copy of your prescription and insurance information to (310) 881 - 1219 or email to connect@waterpts.com before the Initial Evaluation.  You may begin treatment without a prescription, but we strongly recommend getting one before your first visit to make sure that your insurance company will cover the expenses.

Water PT is a member of the UCLA and Cedars Sinai HMOs; we are in network with Medicare, Tri-Care and Blue Shield of California.  Many other private insurance companies cover our services depending on your policy. We accept most private PPO insurances depending on the policy.  Please fax, email, call in, or bring your insurance information for verification.  At this time we are unfortunately unable to accept Medical and Kaiser.


Treatment without medical insurance is charged at $200 per treatment or $1,500 for a 10 treatment package. Each treatment session is between 50 - 60 minutes long. 

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