Patient Testimonials


Dennis R.- CVA

“I can honestly say Water PT is as good as it gets; aquatic therapy is simply superior to land therapy.  The staff immediately sets you at ease.  Water PT Specialists engages you as a partner in your recovery.  They also seem to attract an enjoyable group of patients which makes for a fun experience unlike the drudgery of a physical therapy mill you might see in an outpatient setting.”

Haydee S.- Rheumatoid Arthritis (juvenile onset)

“What sets Water PT apart is the caring and compassionate team and that the assistants and the therapists are in the water right next to you.  They get to know you and customize your physical therapy care to fit your physical and emotional needs.”

Carmit K. – L4-L5 Disc Herniation

“I was surprised to realize that 80% of my pain level was reduced within two weeks, after four appointments only, and after one month I almost didn’t feel pain.  I felt that some kind of miracle happened to me…”

Ruth H. – Fibromyalgia

“I felt so much better at the end.  The pain was so much less.  I could turn my head and move in ways I hadn’t been able to move in months.  I have learned to use muscles that I never knew I even had” I lost 40 pounds and am no longer overweight.  I am even an inch taller.  My muscles are strong.  I am in a lot less pain.  I am back working more than 40 hours a week and confident that the next five years will be better than the last.”

Polly G. – S/P Hip Replacement

“When I was evaluated and began attending three days a week at the beginning of January, I was using a cane and walking hesitantly. Within three weeks I was no longer using the cane and was becoming increasingly independent.  This progress continued until I had my last session at the end of March.”

Joanna B.  – Fibromyalgia

“I felt like a new woman!  Not only was I blissfully PAINFREE, I felt happy, limber and energized, with enough clarity and empowerment to pursue my career goals with enthusiasm.”

Andrew A. – S/P Craniotomy and Osteo-Arthritis

“After four months of work with Water PTS (six months after my initial operation), I had a follow up with my neurologist.  His initial reaction was surprise. He commented that my fitness was at a level he was not expecting for 12 months.”

Judy W. – Knee OA and Fibromyalgia

“My fatigue has lessened as my stamina has built up and I find many tasks much easier to do since I’ve begun the physical therapy.  Getting in and out of the car is easier; standing for longer periods of time is possible…”

Leslye H. – Osteo-Arthritis

“I have gained greater strength, more flexibility, greater range of motion, less pain, weight loss, and increase ease of walking…”

Agnus M.- Disc Herniation

“When I come home from water therapy I feel like a new woman.”

Cecilia Y.- Rheumatoid Arthritis (juvenile onset), S/P Hip Replacement

“I’ve never felt so good in my life.”

Connie C.- Low Back and Sciatic Pain

“I have been to land therapy and will never go back.”

Arthur B. – S/P Shoulder Surgery

I had three surgeries in the last two years and had all types of therapy without much success.  I started aqua therapy seven months ago and it has been a game changer.  The therapists here are dedicated, caring and involved with all aspects of my wellness.  The therapy I receive not only helps my various physical conditions, it helps with my mindfulness.  I strongly recommend this group for any of your therapy needs.”

Charlotte F. – Chronic Low Back Pain

A therapist is in the water with you for a whole hour, helping you through exercises designed to relieve pain and strengthen your whole body.  Each visit I’m given pain relieving back adjustments that always leave me feeling 100% better than when I arrived.”

Harue S. – S/P Total Hip Replacement

My second surgery was successful too, and now I can walk without a cane AND without pain!  The legs have the same length.  It’s like a dream, and I am very happy.  In two more months, I expect to be fully recovered.  Owing to your team, my recoveries after both surgeries were faster, and you helped me keep going during the difficult times.  I am very grateful.  I enjoyed each session.  You are not only well-trained professionals but also simply good and pleasant people to be with.  Thank you again for your help and friendship.

Linda S.- Neuropathy

“All the therapists (at Water PT) are so very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate.  Each of them really cares about the well-being of the patients.”